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Data Listing

Depending on the context, you might want to visualize your data in different ways. OBS ERP provides the following data listing templates: 
  • Table listing - the most common data listing method. It is used by default in most of the OBS ERP modules.
  • VCard - used mainly in module "Contacts'. Represents the data in vcard style. 
    • Profile - similar to vcard, but represents the data vertically rather than horizontally.

    • Gantt - displays the data in Gantt chart format. Useful for modules "Projects" and "Tasks"

    • Calendar - displays the data in google like calendar. Useful for all modules containing date fields, e.g. "Tasks"

    • Product - custom product listing useful for producing brochures.

    • Kanban - production cards perfect for visualization of ongoing work. 

  • Shifts - data view specially designed for module "Shifts". It represents the data in similar to calendar form

By default, OBS ERP shows the last 30 records in a given module. You can change the default number by selecting an option from the drop down menu (the orange rectangle below).
Pages can be listed by clicking the left and right arrows as shown below:

How to change between different data listing templates ?
Assuming you are using table listing and you would like to switch to calendar listing. Click on the "Menu" button above the table and choose "Calendar" from the drop down menu.

You can show the total number of selected rows by pressing Menu -> Balance. OBS ERP will calculate totals and present the information in a pop-up window.