OBS Warehouse

Our experience, your advantage...

OBS Warehouse offers simple inventory management capabilities combining multi-location inventory, shipping and receiving of materials and products, customizable processes and rules. It is designed as a set of modules and processes which are seamlessly interacting with other OBS ERP solutions such as OBS Projects & Tasks, OBS CRM and OBS Finance. Its purpose is to streamline your warehouse operations while introducing many industry-leading features (RF barcode scanning, task management and more), to increase efficiency, improve operational excellence and lower costs for warehouses.

  • Barcode labeling
  • Expiration and shelf life tracking
  • Accessible from any device, anytime & anywhere
  • Defining a set of materials as a product (manufacturing)
  • Removal strategies (FIFO / LIFO) and the ability to customize one

Digitize your warehouse and increase productivity
  • Opportunity to put wireless devices in key locations in the warehouse as well as in the hands of the workers
  • Possibility for your workers to check alternate locations and inventory levels anytime
  • Reduce dramatically the audit costs with automated control
  • Customizable dashboards and real-time dynamic reports helping you stay in the know

Other benefits
  • Quick integration
  • Easy to use with an intuitive interface
  • 100% adaptable to your needs
  • Transparent, accountable and managed with ease 

OBS Warehouse includes the following modules