We believe that people are the company's most valued asset. Do you?

OBS HR simplifies the management of your most crucial capital, your people. A centralized employee database is interacting with the rest of the OBS ERP modules and empowers managers and HR professionals to improve efficiency and effectiveness within the organization. Keep full staff record and history with respective documentation, streamline HR processes by customizing workflows, automate tasks, visualize reporting chain and organizational structure. With OBS HR you also manage schedules, attendance, holidays and leaves, you track time spent on tasks, projects, business meetings, and trips, as well as labor cost for payroll purposes.

  • Staff
  • Departments
  • Positions
  • Open positions
  • Potential candidates
  • Shifts
  • Vacations
  • Time tracking
  • Business meetings
  • Business trips

Granted benefits

  • Integrated email client
  • Corporate chat
  • Accessible from any device
  • Android app (iOS app coming soon)
  • Intuitive interface
  • Multi-language
  • Two-factor authentication QR codes and/or SMS
  • Fully customizable without coding

OBS HR includes the following modules