OBS Fleet Management

More control and possibilities to manage your fleet with efficiency

OBS Fleet management puts into account a variety of functionalities such as vehicle financing, maintenance, fuel management, asset status, routes, and driver's assignments. Its purpose is to reduce operation cost, increase the visibility of key operations areas, reduce downtime due to unexpected scenarios, monitor drivers and track moving assets. The process and modules are designed to cover all the operations that involve fleet management and to adapt to your specific business needs. Easy identification of any vehicle in the company and maintenance schedules.Track of route sheets, key indicators and results. A permanent record of each vehicle activity: tracking, accidents, fines, fuel history and consumption analysis in tabular and graphical modes.

  • Vehicles
  • Drivers
  • Equipment
  • Road sheet
  • Damage
  • Fleet management
  • Shift planning

Granted benefits

  • Integrated email client
  • Corporate chat
  • Accessible from any device
  • Android app (iOS app coming soon)
  • Intuitive interface
  • Multi-language
  • Two-factor authentication QR codes and/or SMS
  • Fully customizable without coding

OBS Fleet management includes the following modules