OBS Fleet Management

More control. More possibilities. Manage your fleet with efficiency.

You could be having a fleet of 10 or 500 vehicles - in both business cases, the optimum goal would be to save on cost and increase profit. And it will not be that easy as fleet management is one of the key areas where business can run on a loss if correct management hasn't been established. OBS Fleet management puts into account a variety of functionalities such as vehicle financing, maintenance, fuel management, asset status, routes, and driver's assignments. Its purpose is to reduce operation cost, increase the visibility of key operations areas, reduce downtime due to unexpected scenarios, monitor drivers and track moving assets. The process and modules are designed to cover all the operations that involve the fleet management and to adapt to your specific business needs, having in mind that they're subject to modification.

  • Easy identification of any vehicle in the company and maintenance schedules 
  • Track route sheets, key indicators and results
  • Accident management - cause of the accident, damages, the value of the damage, insurance company file number
  • Automates scheduling and controls break times of drivers 
  • Integration with other OBS set of modules such as OBS HR, OBS Projects & Tasks, OBS Finance & OBS CRM

Be aware of your vehicles
  • A permanent record of each vehicle activity: tracking, accidents, fines
  • Know the technical status of each car, be informed about all the drivers who have driven that vehicle or fill
  • Fuel history and consumption analysis in tabular and graphical modes.

Other benefits
  • Respond quickly to customers, provide better service and enhance professional relationships
  • Minimize repair expenses and overhead, meet the compliance regulations and prevent legal disputes.
  • Enhance the end-customer experience and hence aid customer-loyalty retention

OBS Fleet management includes the following modules