FAST. GOOD. AFFORDABLE. Choose any two. With OBS2GO you get them all!

Whether you implement an ERP platform for the first time or you are replacing an old one with OBS ERP, an effective and successful ERP system is the base on which you can you launch new initiatives, improve existing workflow, increase revenue and reduce cost. However, even the best ERP solution would count for nothing if it was not configured and implemented properly.

OBS2GO Configuration approach is driven by your unique business goals, needs and company identity and emphasis are placed on user education and involvement. Our team will provide you experienced project managers, solution architects and a holistic end to end deployment model, designed around the best practices so that we can assist you the best way no matter what size and your organization is. Last, but not least, one of OBS2GO's innovations - "Constructor" allows quick and easy adaptation to your workflow in a very short period of time with almost no coding skills.

Unique configuration approach of 3 steps
  • Discover - our team discovers your business objectives and needs, ensures all parties have aligned their understanding of the business requirements and prepares a solution that will suit best those needs
  • Configure - our consultants will build and configure the platform based on agreed design parameters. If any customization is included, this is the phase that it will be done
  • Finalize - a working solution is already built. The final data will be loaded and validates, every functionality and process will be finally tested and if training is included, our consultants will make sure your staff is prepared to use the software. If everything is working properly a Go-live will take place with our support (if needed) and the project will be closed successfully. 

1. Discover
  • Client start-up meeting
  • Resources identification
  • Scoping
  • Business processes review
  • Project planning
  • Work breakdown structure
  • ERP Instance set-up/installation

2. Configure
  • Project plan execution
  • Process design
  • Process testing
  • Document templates
  • Develop reports
  • Set-up users and user groups

3. Finalize
  • Data imports
  • Final testing of all processes 
  • Cutover to OBS ERP
  • Go-live support
  • Project close