OBS ERP: What's new?
Newsletter: 2024-06-07

We have been working hard over the last few months to deliver unique features, improve user experience, and create useful new tools. We are pleased to announce what we have managed to achieve since the last newsletter:

Migrating to ARM CPUs

ARM-based solutions contribute to reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions. We have migrated our servers to ARM platforms in Amazon EC2

LogOS: new tools available for transport logistics

Transport execution

A dashboard that provides real-time information on the fleet position and allows for completing orders and creating stopovers

Available resources

A dashboard that shows trucks that are available to board for picking new orders

Vehicle planning

This dashboard shows the truck composition in terms of driver, trailer and dispatcher.

Road sheets

The system calculates the driver's stats automatically and provides it in the form of road sheets.

PoS: end-to-end solution for physical stores

Cash register and barcode readers
Integration with cash registers. Quick search of products

Inventory Management
Tracks stock levels in real-time to prevent overstocking or stockouts.

Percentage or fixed amount discounts to specific items or entire transactions.

Custom labels for products in your shops. Includes QR code pointing to your website

Human Capital

Long-term tangible assets

This tool is designed to streamline and optimize asset management by providing real-time tracking, automated maintenance scheduling, and comprehensive reporting capabilities, ensuring efficient utilization, reduced downtime, and enhanced decision-making for businesses.


Automatic processing of bank statements (mt940)

Posting bank transactions based on configured accounts: OBS reads the descriptions and other parameters of the tranaction and creates postings for business trips, advance payments and other regular operations.

This tool automatically processes the bank transaction fees. 

Set-off tool

This tool is designed to automate and manage the process of offsetting mutual debts between parties

Intermediary payments

This tool is designed to manage and post payments that are processed by payment processor, which facilitates the transfer of funds between different parties, such as between customers and merchants or between two businesses

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