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2017-11-23 OBS ERP 1.1 Released

New modules

  • Shifts - shift management and vacation tracking
  • Contracts with suppliers
  • Employment contracts
  • Business Trips
  • Birthdays

Major changes

  • Email client - group support. A new button in the "new email" form which allows you to select a group of contacts and send out an email to to all members of the group
  • Email client - ICS Parser. A new button called "Add to calendar". It will create a task in the calendar based on the file content
  • Invitations in module Tasks - ability to send email invitations to a contacts and fellow employees. The system will wait for confirmation

Minor changes

  • ContactValidation - this function checks if specific fields in related modules are populated. 
  • MonthlyInvoice - this is an option in the "Invoices" module. The system will produce a document containing all invoice items issued to a comhttps://static.obs2go.com/icons/O.pngpany. The result is one consolidated invoice for a whole month
  • MarkPaid - on completing an automation step, the paid field gets updated to "true"
  • New automation function: NotifyStaffByCategoryAndCountry - notifications based on assignment of countries and company categories to responsible employees.
  • Initial Balance - new column in module Balance
  • CreateExpenseFromPayment - creates expense document based on contract payment