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OBS ERP is integrated with the SMS provider Twilio. You would need an account @ Twilio in order to send SMS messages through OBS ERP.

After obtaining a Twilio account, you need to set up some values in the "Settings" module (Administration -> Settings -> Preferences)

Twilio phone number twilio_phone +19712594902
Twilio API User twilio_user AC30b75a8111fa8fd09c1b
Twilio SMS Provider API URL twilio_api_url
Twilio SMS Provider Authentication token twilio_auth_token 0e80edc2b2003179fc46

Then you can use the SMS provider to notify customers for overdue payments or other custom notifications.

VIES Validation
OBS ERP is integrated with the European Union's service for VIES VAT number validation. Described here: 
You can use this feature in module "Companies" -> Edit Company -> Menu -> VAT EU Check

OBS ERP uses third party tools to implement the two factor authentication. It is integrated with Google Authenticator and any other code generating software. 

Bulgarian National Bank
OBS ERP is integrated with the API of the Bulgarian National Bank for exchange rates information.

Google Maps
Auto complete of addresses. Show address on google map

You would need an API key in order to use the google maps integration in OBS ERP.
After obtaining an API KEY, you need to set it up in "Settings" module (Administration -> Settings -> Preferences)
Variable: google_maps_api_key