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Digital Signature

Digital Signature:

Currently, OBS ERP supports the digital signing of electronic documents using EvroTrust
  1. Document Preparation: The process begins when a document is prepared for signing. This could be a contract, an agreement, vacation request, or any other type of document that requires a signature.

  2. User Authentication: Before a user can sign a document digitally, they must be authenticated. This ensures that the person signing the document is who they claim to be. Authentication methods can vary, but they often include passwords, PINs, biometrics, or even multi-factor authentication.

  3. Signing the Document: the user needs a mobile device and the EvroTrust mobile application in order to be able to sign the document 

  4. Attaching the Signature: The digital signature is then attached to the document, or it can be stored as a separate file.

    • When someone receives the digitally signed document, they can verify its authenticity and integrity.
  5. Timestamping and Additional Features: Some digital signature solutions, like EvroTrust, might also provide timestamping services. This ensures that the document was signed at a specific date and time. There might also be other features like audit trails, which provide a record of who signed the document and when.

  6. Storage and Archiving: Once the document is signed and verified, it is automatically stored or archived. OBS offers cloud storage for the signed documents

The following settings are required:
  • evrotrust_vendor_number 
  • evrotrust_host
  • evrotrust_signature_confirmation
  • evrotrust_api_key

If you operate with multiple legal entities and each one of them uses different signature key, you can set up the keys here:

Approval process:
  • In order to activate the electronic signing of documents using EvroTrust, you need to activate the feature in the constructor. I

  • If these buttons are checked when the RequestApprovalWithSystemEmail or RequestApproval functions are initiated, the system will generate a document and send it for approval to the responsible person.

The generated document will be based on a template in module