Work Flow

Workflow management systems allow the user to define different workflows for different types of jobs or processes. For example, in a manufacturing setting, a design document might be automatically routed from a designer level to a Technical Director and then to the Production Engineer. 

At each stage of the workflow, an individual or a group would be responsible for a specific task. Once the task has been completed, the workflow system would ensure that the individual(s) responsible for the next task is/are notified and receive the data they would need to execute the next stage of the process. 

Perfectly adapted to a cloud environment, our workflow tool allows you to set up Business Process Definitions such as gradual dependencies, cumulative and SLA reports for each step of the workflow. This tool integrates perfectly with different projects; it sets up custom business workflow definitions and also allows the planning and scheduling of multiple tasks, and also provides you with superior control on the entire flow.

OBS ERP Work Flow includes the following modules