This module gives you the power to manage the most complex projects simply, easily and effectively. Access tasks, calendars and files  from any device and in any view you choose. Manage projects of any size with interactive Gantt charts, dashboards, resource management, automated workflows and more.
Navigate Top Bar -> Work Flow -> Projects -> Add and create a new project by filling in all mandatory fields and pressing the green save button above the form.

Click on the Project Milestones buttons to define the milestones (New milestone names can be defined by pressing the link on the left side of the drop down menu) 
Click on the Tasks button (Add) to add tasks related to the project. You can assign each task to an owner and define deadlines.

A Gantt chart will be generated automatically.

The Tasks module will reflect the created tasks. You can switch to calendar view to get an integrated view of the upcoming tasks:

You can go to next stage of the project by using the navigation above the project record :

The stages can be modified according to your needs. A specific function can be triggered automatically when starting a stage (/modules/project_statuses/all).

Projects filter: filter the existing projects based on search criteria:

Documentation modified on 15.06.2017