Project Management

Project Management

The OBS ERP process for Project Organizations is a set of fully customizable modules designed to organize the entire workflow and bring clarity and accountability to project management. The modules are bound to each other and communicate real-time. It is used to reduce the administrative work in all workstreams and focus on operations, by modeling custom workflows and reporting.

Improve speed, quality and profitability by increasing visibility of work in progress and budget tracking...

  • Interacting with HR, Finance, Products, Services and Warehouse to synchronize workstreams, resources and boost productivity
  • Track internal and external Budget utilization, based on rates per hour and expenses
  • Bank statements processing, transfers between accounts, cash flow report, General ledger for accounting purposes
  • Custom reports, import/export in excel format, advanced search option, streamlined front-end process
Drive insight to predict with precision
  • Fully customizable reports and dashboards visualized in pie and trend charts, gauge and tables to foster innovation and agility
GANTT chart | Project Tasks | Budgets

Transform business practices to operational excellence
  • Fully automated interaction with the rest of the modules, to spent time and reduce errors. Processing MT940 bank statements and automatically reflecting incomes in the system.

Other benefits
  • Accessible from any device
  • Quick integration
  • Easy to use with intuitive interface
  • 100% adaptable to your needs