Mass mailing

OBS ERP allows you to create emails with custom HTML layout and send them to groups of contacts. You can create multiple contact groups for different purposes. For example, you can create a group called "Architects Germany" which contains all architects located in Germany. Contact groups can be created in module "Contacts" using the filter. The process is described in the  User's Guide here.

Note: you need to register your email account in order to send emails via OBS ERP. The process is described here

After setting up contact groups and registering your email account in OBS ERP you can create an email message in module CRM -> Marketing. The following video describes the process.

Web site integration
As described in the video tutorial, you can create an HTML template for your website. Then you can present the template in a special section. To do that you need to get in touch with you website administrator to integrate your web site with the OBS ERP API described here.

Last changed on: 11.06.2017