OBS ERP Financial Services

Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing…

OBS ERP Financial Services is a set of modules, designed to give banks, credit unions, insurance companies, stock brokerages and investment funds the opportunity to manage the interaction with clients, customers, and partners. The unique toolset provides possibilities for automating processes, improving workflows, generating s
tandard and ad-hoc reports for smart and timely decisions, monitoring targets and real-time performance, scheduling of loan agreements and repayment schedules. Most importantly, OBS ERP Financial Services adapts to your workflow and streamlines it, not the opposite. 

  • Linked to HR, Projects, Products, Services, and Warehouse to manage smoothly all financial operations by streamlined front-end process
  • Activity-based cost, Auto-calculation of different taxes, and validation of the company’s VAT number
  • Automatic Bank statements processing, transfers between accounts, cash flow report, General ledger for accounting purposes
  • Custom reports, import/export in excel format, advanced search option

Drive insight to predict with precision
  • Fully customizable reports and dashboards visualized in pie and trend charts, gauge and tables with the purpose of monitoring real-time KPIs.

Transform business practices to operational excellence
  • Fully automated interaction with the rest of the modules, to save time and minimize errors
  • Processing MT940 bank statements and automatically reflecting incomes in the system

Other benefits
  • Accessible from any device. Quick integration, easy to use with intuitive interface and 100% adapted to your needs