Competitive insights by custom solutions

OBS ERP BPO is a unique set of fully customizable modules and processes designed especially for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry and the different types of companies within it, involved with customer interaction services, back-office transactions, IT and software operations, finance and accounting services, HR, etc. Its purpose is to reduce costs, improve efficiency and visibility and boost productivity in business structures in one of the biggest and still a continuously growing industry. OBS ERP BPO helps to track projects, avoid confusion, centralize and have all the necessary information in one place, even when the person in charge is out of office. HR professionals could also benefit from the platform as it provides information who is doing well, who is not and when each employee would go on leave and who will replace him.

  • Full HR, Recruitment and Admin governance
  • Custom process creation with predictable pattern flow, replicable steps, and activities without any ambiguity
  • Multiple projects and Performance management
  • Measurable process activities to quantify a team’s success based on pre-defined metrics
  • Flexible process flows to accommodate changing business climates, tech integrations or modifications in your sales operations

Fully customizable
  • The number of sales process steps differs across sectors, sometimes varying even among businesses operating in the same space. With us, you can adapt instantly to new sales strategies and get a competitive advantage by replicating success from new models

Transform business practices to operational excellence
  • Fully automated interaction with the rest of the modules, to spare time and reduce errors
  • Set reminders and notifications to not miss the right moment or action

Other benefits

  • Accessible from any device
  • Customer reports and dashboards for all metrics and process steps
  • Quick integration
  • Easy to use with an intuitive interface and 100% adapted to your needs